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Class II Fill Sand

πŸ–οΈ Class II Fill Sand at just $13/Yard

Perfect for leveling and as a base for pavers and patios. Our fill sand is clean, well-graded, and compactable.

Premium Screened Top Soil

🌱 Premium Screened Top Soil for $24/Yard

Rich and nutrient-dense, ideal for gardens, lawns, and landscaping projects. Give your plants the best start with our premium topsoil.

πŸͺ¨ 21AA Screened Crushed Concrete at $23/Yard

Durable and precision-engineered, this crushed concrete is perfect for base course on driveways and foundational projects.

Oversized Crushed Concrete / Riprap – 2x3

πŸͺ¨ Oversized Crushed Concrete / Rip Rap – 2×3 – $23/Yard

Durable and eco-friendly, this crushed concrete is perfect for base course on driveways. It’s a cost-effective and sustainable choice.

🚧 Crushed Asphalt – $23/Yard

Ideal for driveways and parking lots, our Crushed Asphalt offers a durable and eco-friendly paving solution. It provides excellent compaction for a long-lasting surface at a cost-effective price. Perfect for various projects, ensuring quality and sustainability.

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Act now to secure these special rates on high-quality materials for your next project. Whether you are a contractor looking for reliable materials for your next job, or a homeowner working on a DIY project, Springfield Metal Recyclers is your go-to source for quality and affordability.

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We are committed to sustainability and quality. Our materials are sourced responsibly and are designed to meet the highest standards of construction and landscaping projects. Plus, with our competitive wholesale prices, you are getting exceptional value that is hard to beat. Located at 525 24th St N, Springfield, MI 49037.

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